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Importance Of Local Miami SEO

With the prevalent use of mobile devices for Internet searches, local Miami SEO has become an essential component of online marketing. After all, half of all consumers who make a local search on their mobile phone visit a brick-and-mortar store discovered in that search within 24 hours. It is important to hire experts to ensure that the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website is maximized for local searches. Our professionals at Bullseye Marketing Consultants are experts at achieving local SEO. This type of optimization can be highly valuable, since it drives online traffic to your website and your brick-and-mortar location, when done right.

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Improve Ranking in Search Results

When consumers do an online search, fewer than 8% of them venture to the second page of search results. Achieving first-page ranking is important. The challenge, of course, is that all of your competitors are vying for the same few spots. There are some foundational steps that every business should take to show up on local searches. Our experts at Bullseye know best strategies for building on the basics to give our clients an all-important competitive edge, resulting in higher search engine results rankings.

Increase Online Visibility

The place where most consumers go today, when looking for products and services, is on their smartphones. About half the time, those Internet searches are local. The customers right near where your business is can find you when they make a search for local businesses in your industry, as long as you have a website that is expertly optimized with local Miami SEO. Your online visibility will be increased when you can be found by local consumers due to SEO.

Citations and Local SEO

The SEO experts at Bullseye Marketing stay informed of the latest and most effective strategies for boosting a website’s ranking. There are many different approaches, and one that has emerged as essential to local SEO is maximizing citations. There are some nuts-and-bolts steps involved with citations, to ensure that strong SEO signals that improve page ranking are getting to the “search bots.”

The simple issue of “NAP” — which means name, address and phone number – can boost your web ranking or not, depending on how your citations are handled. Many times, inexperienced marketing companies have mishandled this issue, which is disastrous. Current NAP information needs to be maintained, and details must be in sync across all existing platforms. Otherwise, search engines won’t recognize that your business website is one that will provide a meaningful experience for consumers, and your ranking in search engines is lowered.

Reviews and customer comments are also citations that can help or hurt your standing in local searches. Major search engines have algorithms that attribute value to a website based on the messaging surrounding the brand.

Positive citations about your local business can result in an increase in online conversions.

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