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Online statistics show that hand-held devices are now used more often than desktops and laptops to access the Internet. When mobile devices were first being used, it became apparent that websites built for large screens are not user-friendly on small screens. Originally, the issue was addressed by having a different web address for each screen type. This was expensive and largely impractical. Miami responsive web design was eventually created and has been an excellent solution with many benefits. There is no need to create additional websites, with Miami responsive web design. Instead, during the process of web design, code is used to automatically redirect mobile users to a version of the site built for the smaller screen. In addition to rearranging for orientation and screen size, the code identifies the processing power of the device being used and loads only necessary components of the site.

Benefits of responsive web design

Consumers have come to expect that the websites they access will be a good fit for their hand-held devices and not just for their large screen monitors and laptops. An important element of search engine optimization (SEO) is providing a positive user experience. Google, which claimed upwards of 67% of the search market share as of October 2014, rewards websites for Miami responsive web design. Since April 2015, Google algorithms were updated to include mobile-friendliness as a measure of good SEO. Websites can move up or down in search engine results ranking based solely on having or not having responsive design built into their code.

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Miami Responsive Web Design - 305-907-7012
 Miami Responsive Web Design - 305-907-7012
The following is more about benefits of responsive website design:

  • Business owners who previously maintained multiple websites in order to accommodate different devices are able to scale down their marketing resources. Responsive web design is a cost-cutting measure because only one website is needed.
  • Your website will get more online traffic, since searches on hand-held devices are optimized for the screen. Miami responsive web design is signaled to the search engines, which then boosts the ranking of your site. Great compatibility with mobile devices means greater visibility.
  • You can boost your SEO with responsive web design. Instead of having to optimize separate web pages for the different screens, focus SEO efforts on the one website. The performance of your website will increase more rapidly, and yet you are saving both time and money.
  • Your business is missing out on the sale of products and/or services, if your website isn’t mobile friendly. By making your website easily accessible via responsive web design, you raise your conversion rates and your profits.
  • Creating a good user experience on your website is essential. One of the details in responsive web design is creating code that allows for the use of either a mouse or a touch screen to navigate. Adding a touch element is another great example of responsive web design.
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Miami Responsive Web Design - 305-907-7012

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